Volkswagen - DAS HUND

A TVC in which a dog loves a Volkswagen so much that he decides to pretend he is one. The film hit over a million views in the first week alone and became the 2nd most viewed ad on Youtube in the Netherlands in 2013. Director: Mattias Schut.


- Cannes Lions - Shortlist, Film
- Art Directors Club - SILVER, Film
- Eurobest - BRONZE
- Young Guns - SILVER
- Ciclope - SILVER
- Gouden Loeki - Top 5 Finalist
- Art Directors Club - Shortlist, Internet Film
- Art Directors Club - Shortlist, Sound Design
- LIA - Finalist
- SAN Excellent Accent
- SAN Accent, Durables

The film received over a million views on Youtube in its first week. We prepared a special making-of in order to generate a second wave of PR. 
We put an actor on the film set, playing the supposedly 'real' owner of the dog, acting like a pain in the ass. We never told the crew members that this man was an actor, so the reactions to his annoying behaviour are genuine.

We created another film when Das Hund was shortlisted for 'De Gouden Loeki' (best Dutch-language TV award). The supposedly 'real' owner of the dog asked people NOT to vote for VW, since his dog had already gone so mad due to all the popularity.