Vodafone asked us to reassert its position as an innovation leader in the Dutch market. We decided to apply Vodafone's expertise in mobile technology to resolve a real Dutch issue.

The project's success propelled Vodafone's message onto a global stage. The Smart Jacket was featured at TedX and the Technical University Delft developed derivatives based on the prototype. And thought leadership perception went up by 67%.


- Cannes Lions - Shortlist, PR
- Cannes Lions - Shortlist, cyber
- Cannes Lions - Shortlist, mobile (2x)
- Eurobest - Shortlist, digital craft
- Bill Bernbach Award - Shortlist, PR
- Bill Bernbach Award - Shortlist, mobile
- Bill Bernbach Award - Shortlist, interactive
- Lovie Awards - SILVER, mobile & applications
- Art Directors Club - Shortlist, Digital & Social
- Art Directors Club - Shortlist, Promo / Activation / Direct
- Lovies - Shortlist, Experimental & innovation
- Spin Awards - Shortlist, Innovation
- Spin Awards - Shortlist, Design
- SAN, Shortlist Smart Idea
- SAN, Shortlist Corporate
- SAN, Shortlist Durables
- SAN, Shortlist Branding 360

“It is an interesting challenge to use the phone itself to improve the situation.
That's why we are willing to make this technology possible.”

“This jacket creates a safer world for cyclists”